some videos for you

interview with safar

This video was created by Safar in the Czech language with English subtitles.

It contains a short overview of the method used in a Star Sapphire individual session. What is addressed in the method? The client is looking at some issue under a microscope, they themselves are looking with the help of the session giver. Suggestions of how to be autonomous, and how to continue to work with oneself. How to deepen options and go further.

moumina talking about how to decide on the potential of a star sapphire session

Guided dance meditation in a star sapphire energywork group

This video was filmed and created by Amar Leela during a guided meditation by Safar on Trust and Surrender. Two important elements for the Star Sapphire process.

Enjoy this out of time moment and have a taste of the loving, vital and peaceful energy field that you can experience in our groups, events and trainings.

glimpses from star sapphire energywork training part 1

This video is also available on the Energywork Training page

video made by leela at osho risk

Leela talks about sound, silence and rhythm, and about the importance of finding balance in your life.

Interview with moumina

This interview is also available on the Home page

video by safar showing what a star sapphire session may look like

This video is also available on the Individual sessions page