Facilitators and session givers


Moumina is a trainer in Star Sapphire Energywork and runs workshops in places as far apart as Brazil and China. 

After training as a dance & body therapist in London in the 1970’s, Moumina travelled to India to learn Indian dance. There she discovered Osho’s ashram in Pune and lived and worked there for a major part of her life. She has been giving workshops and trainings internationally for over forty years in Primal, Neo-Reichian Breath work, Trauma healing, Tantra for Women and Star Sapphire Energywork.

Now her principal work is to teach people Star Sapphire Energywork, and Body Types and Body reading. Combining the deep, inner exploration of meditation with freeing the aliveness of the body is her main interest and joy. 

Moumina lives in Portugal.

Online individual sessions available in English

Contact: Mouminaz@gmail.com

Amar Leela

Leela is a trainer in the Star Sapphire Energywork training. 

She has worked with various international orchestras and prestigious opera houses as a violinist since she was very young. In 2006 she founded and then co-directed for ten years the Osho Ki6 Meditation Center in Venice Lido. In her seminars she has been teaching Osho Neo Reiki and how to relate through Empathic Communication. She now enjoys leading groups and trainings in Star Sapphire male-female Energywork. Leela loves to share the qualities of trust and self-acceptance, transmitting to people relaxation in the present moment and an ability to flow.

Leela gives individual sessions in Ravenna, Italy.

Online individual sessions also available in Italian or English.

Contact: amarleela.energywork@gmail.com

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Safar is a therapist trained in the methods of Star Sapphire male-female Energywork, Psychic Massage, Constellations, and Ayurvedic Balance Bodywork. While studying with Sagarpriya, Safar learned the art of leading groups about presence. These include Star Sapphire Energywork trainings, Star Sapphire groups and Conscious Living groups.

He was previously a professional chef and he taught people how to cook. Still now, when he makes food for himself or his friends, he touches, smells, senses, and listens to the ingredients and puts them together in the order and quantity they want to be. This is his everyday creativity, everyday meditation. The moments when suddenly everything stops and silence takes over are moments of pure blissfulness for him and also for his clients during groups, sessions, or cooking engagements.

Safar gives individual sessions in his practice in Prague. 

Online individual sessions also available in English or Czech.

Contact: nityam.safar@seznam.cz      Safar's Website


Jivan has dedicated her life to coming back to a place of presence and living from there. This dedication has led her to study and work with Sagarpriya DeLong, the creator of the therapeutic methods Star Sapphire Male-Female Energywork and Psychic Massage.

In 2013 Jivan moved from her native country of Canada, to Stockholm, Sweden. Her work in Sweden since then has been giving individual sessions and groups in Family Constellations, Couples Therapy, Star Sapphire Male-Female Energywork, and Psychic Massage. Exploring and teaching how to live from presence is one of her greatest joys.

She gives individual sessions in her practice in Stockholm, Sweden.

Online sessions also available in English, French or Swedish.

Contact: jivan@kindfulness.se       Jivan on Instagram      Jivan's website


Sudas has been trained in the Star Sapphire work by Sagarpriya. He is a founding member of the Osho Risk Denmark community, and lived there for 30 years. For many years he has been leading workshops and festivals at Risk, as well as organising courses and longer programs.

He also has a background in Family Constellation, Past Life regression, Essence work, Psychic Massage. He has worked as a teacher for more than 20 years, being passionate about helping others to find new ways to express themselves.

Sudas gives individual sessions in Brædstrup, Denmark.

Online individual sessions also available in English or Danish

Contact: taosudas@icloud.com

Eva Shana

Eva Shana Ekengren is a Holistic counsellor and trained in Star Sapphire Energy work by Sagarpriya.

She started her carrier as an actress, scriptwriter and director of theatre, and has worked in this field professionally for over thirty years.

Being an overstressed freelancer and single mom Eva Shana started meditating fifteen years ago and from then embarked on a journey towards healing and awareness.

She did a 1,5-year Therapy and therapist training at Osho Risk in Denmark where she met Sagarpriya's work and was totally captivated. She has since then done trainings in Star Sapphire, Working with people, Reiki and now Family Constellation. Eva Shana has given sessions and held groups in Star Sapphire work in Malmö, at Ängsbacka, Afroz meditation center in Greece and Pacha Mama center in Costa Rica.

Eva Shana gives individual sessions in Malmö, Sweden.

Online individual sessions are available in Swedish and English.

Contact: info@evashanaekengren.se

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