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the two shores of love: inner man & inner woman

This book was written by Sagarpriya and published in 2016. Man is not only man. Woman is not only woman. Both have the opposite polarity hidden inside, and everybody is “male plus female.” The book explains how to get to know the two characters inside yourself—they have distinct and unique characteristics, almost like two individual persons.

The book is available in the following translations: English, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian.

The Biggest Challenge: Ordinary Life

The following article was written around 2002 for The German Osho Times. Later, in 2013, it was also published by Viha Connection Magazine in California.

It has been a passion of mine to teach how to be aware in ordinary life. And I tell you, it is the biggest challenge I have faced so far in all my years of group-leading. There is so much richness in the detail of what we do every day. You could stop almost every moment and say, “Look at this!” or “Did you see that?” The moments of “this” and “that” go by incredibly fast, and there are so many of them. I think that’s why we have all stopped being aware—because the amount of events is overwhelming!

An Invisible Positivity: welcoming the exchange between male and female

I am a therapist, but that is a description of the surface only. Deep down I am a seeker. My therapy work has been, more than anything else, a means towards understanding myself and a way to search for who I really am.

What’s your “type”? Get ready to be the opposite!

Sometimes growth is not linear. That is, you cannot say that this lead to that. And therefore, the sequence may not be too important. With respect to this “popping up” of events, I am going to tell some things that simply appeared in my own particular story, and this story is still—and may always be—without an ending.