Star Sapphire Inner Man Inner Woman

Intensive Part I

with MouminaSafar

Star Sapphire Inner Man/Inner Woman Intensive- Shanghai

Part 1

Each of us has both a masculine and feminine polarity that has shaped us since we were young. Emotional and rational parts that often go against each other, one dominates, manipulates, takes control, the other gives in to it. This imbalance is then mirrored in our relationships. As we have a relationship between polarities inside, so are our relationships outside. If you want to improve your relationships, you must first recognize the relationship within.

In this workshop, you will explore both your female and male energies. You will find out which one is dominant, and you will get to know a side of yourself that has been more hidden. When only one side of us is functioning, there are feelings of loneliness, exhaustion, frustration, and unavoidable troubles in our relationships. Through exercises and meditations, each energy will have the chance to express itself and be experienced as an alive and living presence.

Star Sapphire Energywork is a method to support the inner essence of a person. This essence can be experienced in the state of presence.There’s a very direct route to experiencing presence: your body. Even when the mind gets lost in pain and worry, the body remains spontaneous and alive. So this workshop starts with active meditations. It includes dance and other guided meditations.This steps right past the censorship of the critical mind and liberates a source of vitality and peace. It brings us into connection with a wellspring that is fresh and new moment to moment. This presence is the key to resolving the difficulties between our inner man and inner woman.

05 Apr 2024 - 09 Apr 2024
Shanghai, China
  0086 189 3014 1345