Inner Man Inner Woman


It is a precious moment when, tired of finding the same pattern in your relationships or non-relationships, weary of going through dramas already seen – whether in the couple, at work, or elsewhere – you ask yourself a simple question: why is the same story repeating again?

Two possible paths open up at this point: on one hand, you can blame it on fate, complain about the unfortunate incidents, keep on seeing yourself as a victim of events, but nothing changes. On the other hand, you can open your eyes and see that the key is within you, not only to understand and dissolve the cyclic nature of events, but also, and especially, to contact the source of joy and let it spring into your existence.

In this group, through guided meditations and Star Sapphire male-female Energy-work processes, you explore the energies of your inner male and female—an actual couple that, with its unconscious models, strongly influences all exchanges with external persons. And it is in this encounter with the “opposite” parts of yourself that you will find clarity and discover the nucleus of a possible harmony and serenity. By being deeply rooted in inner presence rather than in desire that the outside might fill the emptiness to the brim or might correspond to your expectations, you mature and grow.

A new approach emerges from this kind of consciousness and from bringing back a balance where it is necessary. This affects in a positive way various aspects of life, bringing more fulfilment and ease, even in your most important relationships.

“When you suddenly find yourself in love with someone, it only means that in this person you have found some echo of the image you carry in your heart. You find in this person a reflection of the inner man or woman you desire—you find something of the person you are carrying within but searching outside.”

10 Apr 2024 - 14 Apr 2024
Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 886 600 422